About Me

I'm a Mom of two babies who has a passion for whole organic foods, cooked and raw.  My passion is developing healthy creative recipes which mimic our old favorites.  This is a love of mine and creative outlet which I've been doing since my college years.  This journey and love of food has also helped to cultivate my awareness of our environment and how food effects our bodies.  My vision for All to have access to fresh natural whole foods and to become aware that what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on ourselves and in turn others.  I created this blog to inspire other Moms and individuals to try to recipes, experiment and most of all HAVE FUN!

Background Summary - I grew up in a small Kansas town where I enjoyed the freedom to roam and wonder and discover nature which was instrumental for my love of the environment.  After high school, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Kansas State University.  Thereafter, I worked as a Microbiologist before turning to recruiting scientists for various companies.  After several successful years in recruiting, I lost my passion for it and knew I was being called down a different path.  With this realization, I left my career to help my husband start up our home business.  Shortly after, we also started our family.  This brings me to the present time which is spent mostly as a Mom but also as an explorer of "better ways".  Everyday I'm learning and doing what I can to make the world a better place for myself and family.  I don't know where my path is going next, but here you can come along with me and see what I'm cooking up at the present moment.